Backcountry Trips

Backcountry canoe tripping is the ultimate extension of my passion for fishing and exploration. With a 87% of Ontario designated as crown land, as well as countless operating and non-operating provincial parks, there’s more wilderness rivers and lakes to explore than is possible in a lifetime. Many of these systems contain native populations of Brook Trout and Lake Trout, although excellent Pike, Bass and Walleye fishing is also a frequent occurrence.

Since I generally keep fairly detailed notes on my trips, my trip reports usually end up similarly lengthy. So, rather than sharing them as normal blog posts, which lend themselves better to shorter updates, I’ve decided to start collecting my backcountry trip reports here instead.

May 2022: Lake Lavieille / Dickson Loop
Early season solo brook trout trip to Algonquin Park.

September 2022: Return to Lavieille
A return there and back again exploratory trip to Lake Lavieille.