Big Crow: There and Back Again

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September 2012: Big Crow
A 5 day trip to Big Crow Lake in the Algonquin backcountry

2 thoughts on “Big Crow: There and Back Again

  1. Thanks for sharing your Algonquin Park adventure, glad our watertaxi and canoes could help you through it, you never did say exactly how long it took you to paddle all of Lake Opeongo, if you did indeed accomplish it in 3.5 hours that’s well above average for paddlers that don’t often paddle Algonquin’s biggest lake. Weather is the biggest factor, if you count on it only taking 4 hours then your guaranteed to be wind bound on land for 2 hours.
    Glad that although your trip was a little bit wet that you still managed to enjoy it. That’s the spirit we like to see.
    Cheers – Randy @ AO

    • Hi Randy, we’ll be back next year and will probably be using the water taxi both ways next time 🙂 It was a great experience canoeing across Opeongo, but I can see what you mean about needing to allocate ample time in case of bad weather – and that extra energy might go towards paddling a bit further in next time. It did end up taking us about 3.5 hours from the Proulx portage to the shop. Glad to hear we did OK.

      Thanks again for the friendly and helpful outfitting service!


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