Algonquin: Big Crow Trip Report

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June 2013: Back to Big Crow Lake
A 3 day return trip to Big Crow Lake Algonquin Park

7 thoughts on “Algonquin: Big Crow Trip Report

  1. Thank you,
    This is a good resource for people wanting to do this trip. I have done the same trip exactly twice and find it very accurate. Our trip was a fishing trip so we focused on this much of the time. We were successfull in catching many lakers and Brook trout.

  2. This trip sounds amazing ! I am doing this exact trip in May this year. I’m hoping for no black flies ?? May be wishful thinking… Great post answered a lot of questions for me. Cheers!

  3. I have been camping in Crow Lake as well, I remember that accomplished feeling of approaching the Opeongo store, I heard that on a big hill there are ruins of a watchtower, does anyone know how to access it?

    • The watchtower ruins are at the top of a hill on Big Crow, which can be accessed (I believe) near the old ranger cabin. There is a path you can access and climb to the top of the hill. The ruins themselves are not much as they have removed the platform at the top of the watchtower (for safety reason I believe). The view from the top of the hill is quite spectacular though!


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