Happy Holidays!

I’m not really a fan of this term, but since I haven’t posted since before the holidays, it seems appropriate. I hope you all had an excellent Christmas and New Years!

The end of 2013 shaped up to be pretty eventful for me, most of which had nothing to do with fishing. My last opportunity to hit the river was a guided steelhead trip in the middle of December, but due to 2 feet of snowfall the night before our trip and abnormally cold weather, it ended up getting called off (again).

Here in the GTA, we had the worst ice storm I’ve ever seen a few days before Christmas. It left us without power for a couple days (thank god for gas fireplaces!). The amount of damage done to most of the large trees around here was unbelievable – trunks snapped right in half, trees peeled down the centre and large tree branches everywhere. It’s hard to believe a bit of ice can cause that much damage. Here are a couple pics I snapped in our front yard the day after.

Small branches from a tree in our yard, covered with over an inch of ice.

Small branches from a tree in our yard, covered with over an inch of ice.

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Merry Christmas!

Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas! Woke up extra early this morning to 3 very excited kids and things are just settling down. Hope Santa was good to all of you and hope you have a great holiday and happy new year.

While searching the infinite database that is the internet, I came across a couple fun tying ideas that I think I will use as inspiration next year. Enjoy!

Christmas Bugger (source)

Fly Ornaments (source)